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Leaders like you read our blog on a weekly basis. Read each post, download the audio version, or have the site read it to you. I want to make sure you understand this: I am here to serve you, and that's the goal of this blog. Here you'll find helpful, contextual posts that relate directly to the current climate of ministry and marketing. If there are more ways I can serve you or you think there is an article that could use some more depth, please reach out and let me know.

Write It Down

You don’t have a process until you write it down.   No matter what ministry you are leading, it’s a team sport. A team needs a game plane, it needs a process. You may think that your team knows their roles and you have a process. But the truth is you don’t have a process until it’s…

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Sex and The Church

Every week we want to bring you bite size pieces of information to help you reach your community. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and February being the month love, we are going to be posting Info graphics about everything love. This week we are looking at a little subject a lot of churches are scared…

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Be An Original

No one likes a poser.  You go the skate park, and you instantly know the person who likes to dress like a skater but who can’t hang with the rest of the crew. You head to a party, and you can tell who belongs there and who is struggling to fit in. You go to…

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They’re Not Visitors!

Do you ever wonder why your church can get visitors, but has a difficult time keeping them? Maybe you can get them through the doors, they seem excited, but then they disappear. This can be very frustrating to volunteers and leaders in church plants. Your church is a great place, your core knows this, so…

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It’s Coming: STADIA!

Right now, Catalyst Church Creative is developing a brand new system for STADIA. This system will be centered on web development determination, development, and distribution. We will discuss the why, what, and hows of web development, how to start and finish well in this medium, and how to create a sustainable path forward. Why are we so…

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Don’t Be a Hater

We tell creatives to let what you love inspire your ideas. To take your passion for the church, preaching, design, etc… and build upon that. Today, we are posing a totally different idea: Let what you hate inspire your ideas. We all get inspired. We all love what others have accomplished. To be clear, there’s…

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"You have nothing to prove and no one to impress." - Larry. 

I talk about margin a lot. I think some of it comes back to how I was raised, but most of it is how I went through ministry stressed and just plain tired for so long. So I learned how to say no and set proper priorities, learned to value the right thing in life, and really, learned to breathe easier. Maybe you're there now, and maybe, just maybe, you need some margin in your finances, relationships, time, and life too. 

Church App Guide

I created this Church App Guide to help you determine the why, what, and how of your church app, and who may be the best church app provider partner for you.
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