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Don’t define your brand; Discover it.

You don’t define your brand, you discover it.  “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.” Two phrases that perfectly encapsulate this idea, to not define your brand, before you have the opportunity to discover it. Companies want to create a good name for themselves. But when building a…

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Giving and the Church

Americans say they like to give, but is that the reality? We know that today’s post-modern generation gains more satisfaction from a job that gives back and creates high self-worth, and that long term careers are on the decline. Therefore, it makes sense that giving would be different today than it was thirty years ago in…

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3 Questions for Your Next Creative Meeting

Have you ever been in one those creative meetings that drag on and on and on and on, with no focus. You find yourself hours later, heading back to the office struggling to think of one decision made. Your creative meeting doesn’t have to be like herding cats. Let us help you by giving you three questions to take…

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3 Things We Can Learn from Santa

Next to Jesus, Santa is the most recognizable figure during the Christmas season. And while Christmas is centered on Christ, there is a massive marketing push with Santa and everything that comes along with it: presents, Christmas trees, and massive comatose meals with families. We wanted to help you leverage this truth in your churches, and have…

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You Need a Personal Voice Too

There is a difference between you and your work. Scenario: Church planter pushes out new content from their personal blog, then copy/pastes it on their church blog, and then shares from both personal and church social media accounts the exact same content. Users read the content once, then see it again from somewhere else, then again…

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"You have nothing to prove and no one to impress." - Larry. 

I talk about margin a lot. I think some of it comes back to how I was raised, but most of it is how I went through ministry stressed and just plain tired for so long. So I learned how to say no and set proper priorities, learned to value the right thing in life, and really, learned to breathe easier. Maybe you're there now, and maybe, just maybe, you need some margin in your finances, relationships, time, and life too. 

Church App Guide

I created this Church App Guide to help you determine the why, what, and how of your church app, and who may be the best church app provider partner for you.
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