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Kid’s Church Spring Series Kit

Children are near and dear to the heart of God.  It’s been said that the church is one generation away from dying off. It’s a sad yet sobering reminder, that over 80% of children walk away from God and church after high school. We can bicker all day long and give reasons and discuss ways to get them back in…


How to Create Amazing Images for Social Media

“If you want to reach your audience, then you must reach them where they are at.” And where are they? They’re on social media, to the tune of over 92%. The thing is, it’s not just that you need to reach them on social media, but that you must also be able to start and engage with them as well.…


Valentines Day Sermon Series Kit

January is wrapping up and Valentines Day is only weeks away! This holiday gives the Church an unique opportunity to have an open conversation about love.  That’s why we created the Valentines Day sermon series kit. We want to give you all the tools you need to share the greatest love story of all with your community, Christ. Kit Includes: 16:9…


Growth Hacking for Churches

One of the great and grand ideas of marketing is to create a system that allows your top shelf products, lower shelf accessibility. We’ve spoken about this before, in that when you make your top shelf lower shelf accessible, you are creating a system that allows anyone and everyone to have “the good stuff”. In leadership, this is called a…


Valentine’s Day Event Media Kit

The season of love is coming up soon! February is right around the corner and so is Valentine’s Day. Use this holiday to make your church a hotspot for the community February 14th. That’s why we create the Valentine’s Day Event Media Kit. We want to give you all the tools you need to reach out to your church body and…


Increasing Your Social Media Presence

What if you could increase your social media presence seven-fold? How about fifty-fold? What would you say if we told you that there is a simple and surefire way you can increase your social media presence by more than a hundred-fold, by changing your approach to Facebook? Facebook regularly undergoes algorithm changes. These algorithms decide how many people read your…


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