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Sunday Service Media Kit

Start this year with an engaging and consistent presentation for your Sunday morning services. We’re excited to bring you the Sunday Service Media Kit. In this kit you receive title designs for each phase of your service, creating a fresh and consistent Sunday morning experience. If the in-service still you need is not included, don’t worry, we include blank versions of each design ready to be customized…


Our Top 5 Freebies & Blog Posts

We started and ended 2015 with the church in mind. It has been our pleasure to be a part of hundreds of churches that are now sharing their story better, and we are looking forward to doing it all over again in 2016. For now, we want to end this year in style and take a look back at our top…


The Best Gift This Christmas

The presents are wrapped and placed neatly under the tree. The kids are all tucked in for the night and you and your wife sit down on the couch for what seems like the first time this week. It’s Christmas Eve and you’re exhausted. Shopping for presents and food have absolutely drained you and the couch feels like home. With a…


Christmas Scripture Kit

How you share the story often determines how someone hears the story.  This week, we want to help you share part A of the greatest story ever told: the Birth of Jesus. This week’s resource kit will give you 16×9 images and squared social media images. We want to help you share your story better, as well as help you deliver…


Is Your Church Missing These?

“Your website is the digital from door for your audience. Make it easy for them to walk through.” While you’re making it easy for them to walk through, you might want to take a look at your website and make sure it has everything it needs. You see, we work with dozens of clients on a weekly basis on their…


New Year’s Vision Kit

2015 is wrapping up and with the new year comes a new opportunity to communicate God’s plans for your community. Clear vision is critical to creating a church body that is not only active but excited. That’s why we created the “Vision” sermon series resource kit, giving you everything you need to effectively communicate the path God has set before your church.…


People enjoy my Margin Management series where I talk about creating margin with my finances, relationships, time, and life.